Erica Finke


Major : Broadcast Journalism Fun fact: I can play eight instruments!

Lindsay Cardosi

Vice President of Social Standards

Major: History, Political Science Fun fact: I interned in Washington DC and worked in the Capitol!

Carly Owens

Vice President of Finance

Major: Accounting Fun fact: Three generations of my family have gone to U of I.

Maddie Ehret

Vice President of Panhellenic

Major: Journalism Fun Fact: I am a member of Illinois Rip Chords, an all-female a cappella group!

Emily Bowles

Vice President of Membership

Major : Integrative Biology Fun Fact : I have a twin brother

Gaby Sabatino

Vice President of Member Education

Major: Special Education Fun fact: I am the first generation of my family to go to college.

Anna Zirpolo

Vice President of Communications

Major: Advertising Fun Fact: I have a twin brother!

Rebecca Wood

Vice President of Programming

Major: Journalism Fun fact: I’m minoring in Public Relations, Political Science and History

Natalie Krasuska

Vice President of Foundation

Major: Speech Pathology Fun Fact: I can speak Polish!